Language and Speech colloquia of 2016

In the colloquium series of the CLS PI groups Language and Speech Technology and Language and Speech, Learning and Therapy speakers from companies and academic institutions are invited to present their work. Every quarter at least two speakers talk about a subject that is related to the field of language and speech technology. The colloquiums usually take place on a Thursday from 15:00 to 16:30 on the campus of the University of Nijmegen. All people interested are kindly invited! For further information on the colloquia please contact one of the members of the colloquium committee:

Mario Ganzeboom
Florian Kunneman
Odette Scharenborg

We are currently working on the colloquium series of 2016. Please check this page regularly for updates on speakers and topics.

  1st Speaker (15:00) 2nd Speaker (15:45)
September 29th
Building: CollegezalenComplex (CC)
Room: CC 4
Multimedia retrieval
Prof. Dr. Martha Larson (Radboud University, TU Delft)
Multimedia Information Retrieval: Covering New Ground (Truth)
Geert Vos (Co-founder Media Distillery B.V.)
Realtime metadata extracting in video
November 17th
Building: Thomas van Acquinostraat (TvA)
Room: TvA 3.0.07
Note: Different times!
ASR for dysarthric speech and its potential in clinical applications
15:30: Dr. Catherine Middag (Universiteit Ghent, Belgium)
Automatic analysis of pathological speech in clinical practice
16:15: Dr. Heidi Christensen (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Recognising disordered speech: results and challenges when moving from the lab to the real world
December 8th
Building: Thomas van Acquinostraat (TvA)
Room: TvA 1.0.02
Note: Different times!
Non-vocal communication: production and recognition
15:30: Prof. Dr. Marc Swerts (Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
Prosodic, interactive and cultural effects on gestures
16:15: Oscar Koller MsC (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Recent Trends in Automatic Sign Language Recognition

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